Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Inspirations: Woodland cafe

Happy New Year everybody!  I have been in New Zealand spending time with my family. While visiting my brother who lives at the top of the South Island in a gorgeous area called Golden Bay, we drove to a remote beach on the West Coast.  On the walk to the beach, we stumbled across a captivating cafe attached to a tiny camping ground. Coffee and food were being served from a van nestled in a stand of old Macrocarpa trees.

The tables and stools were made from Macrocarpa and the tables were built around the trees.

Charming details had been added: coathooks and a tableau featuring an old stove. Everything about the cafe was very simple but beautiful quality.

One of the best features was a  tame and no doubt very spoilt peacock named Archie. 

I was captivated and enchanted and immediately started pondering whether I could create something similar one day at the country house.