Monday, July 18, 2011

Making a compost bin

I know it's incredibly geeky, but I love composting.  All of my food scraps and the paper that goes through my home office goes onto the pile.  I don't bother with turning or tending it, and after about six months it has transformed into beautiful black soil. There's something great about my old tax records and junk mail being turned into food for my herb garden, and in turn me.

 My current compost pile, made from an old wooden box has been slowly falling apart for a while. I thought long and hard about how to make a new one and how it should look. There's no reason for compost not be beautiful, I think.

I procured some old potato boxes for free from a local farmer and with Piet my trusty garden help we transformed one into a new compost box. Well, Piet wielded the chainsaw while I stood by giving anal retentive instructions such as, 'Could we just shave another centimetre off that side as it's not quite even'.  And ...Voila!  Here it is.  Complete with shredded tax records.

My friend Lizzie came to visit and we made a drystone wall against one side of the box from some stones I had lying around.  It even withstood a 4.3 earthquake the following weekend.
No. There is no reason why a compost pile can't be beautiful.

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Chris said...

I just bought some rural property in the States and this is exactly what I want to build!