Saturday, February 26, 2011


I'm sorry about the lack of post for a while. The town of Christchurch in New Zealand, the place where I grew up, broke and crumbled in an earthquake this week and I feel very sad. Thankfully my parents, who live there, are OK and their house is not damaged.

Even though it has been many years since I have lived in Christchurch, I travel there every Christmas to spend time with my parents. I had assumed that the city would always be there, always be the same comfortable place, unchanged and waiting for me as old home towns do.  Although hopefully wonderful new buildings will rise from the rubble, I'm grieving because the place that I knew is gone.

A pic of Lyttelton, where the earthquake was centred,  I took from across its harbour last Christmas. It sustained heavy damage and along with the rest of Christchurch has lost many of its historic buildings.

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Peta said...

This is a terrible tragedy and it will never be the same; it will take time to rebuild. The people's spirit is not broken though and the time it takes (to rebuild) will be the time they need to collect themselves and start anew. Christchurch will thrive again one day, but it will be a different place - the old Christchurch will live on in the memory of those who grew up there. It is great to hear that the family are all okay.