Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Death still doesn't become her

I'm sure that you must be dying for an update on my slug dilemma.  On the weekend I was greeted by a fetid container of decomposing slugs.  I have definitely abandoned slug drowning.  Still not desperate enough to squash slugs, my strategy this weekend was to set up a Survivor situation where I threw them on the top of one of my big water tanks. I figured that if the slug managed to crawl across the tank and down the side before being eaten by a bird it could be rewarded with life. The tank isn't that close to the herb garden so if one manages to crawl up the hill back into the sage it will be a small miracle.  Urrgh. That's such a horrid thought so replace it with a picture of my bird's nest arrangement (by Nina).

The big event for the weekend was that I learned to push a wheelbarrow properly. Did you know that there is a proper wheelbarrow technique?  I didn't. We didn't cover that sort of useful skill in journalism school. My task was to fill a small pond with some dirt and compost that had been delivered and left on the driveway.  After many loads, I was whingeing about my aching arms to my neighbour .  He told me that you are supposed to load the weight  of the contents over the wheel rather than the handles.  What a difference that makes!  The rest of the job was much easier.  I am telling myself that my new-found practical wheelbarrowing skills surely cancel out my girly slug squeamishness?

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