Thursday, March 18, 2010

More weekend summer happiness

Bedroom one at sundown waiting for my weekend guests Catherine and Paul.

My first ripe fig from the garden.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Introducing the house: bedroom three

Here is the third and last bedroom. If you are standing facing the cottage, it's at the front on the left. It used to be the lounge, but was converted into a bedroom when I took down the wall between the kitchen the old bedroom next to it. I'm a big fan of the informality of having an open plan kitchen and living area so that people are on hand to food and alcohol at all times!

This room actually has a lovely fireplace, which I had good intentions about styling up for a photograph, but well...if you've been following, you know that procrastination is one of my issues. So, in the spirit of just getting things done, I'll add that later.

As is the case with the whole house, the colour is not one that I would ever choose, but I've got used to it. I think that I will eventually paint this room a soft green/gray.

Friday, March 5, 2010

The shed

I have never been one of the boys before.  I'm not into sports or outdoor adventure pursuits, will always choose a film about relationships over one with car chases, I like to talk about emotions and fashion, and until last year I didn't drink beer.

The country house has changed this. Suddenly I find myself with interests in common with men.  I spend more time with my male neighbours than with their wives. My neighbour Gary and I periodically like to stroll our properties, beer in hands, discussing various plans and dreams that we can't afford, along with practical things such as fences, water tanks and our dams.  I can now discuss septic tank design, weed control and plans for my barbeque. 

The biggest string by far to my masculine interest bow, though is my shed. I have a huge shed. Enormous. It was previously used for processing snow peas. It's two stories high. It has a spellbinding affect on men that I find fascinating.  Their eyes widen as they peer in and murmur in hushed tones about its potential. 

My dirty girly truth, however, is that I hate the shed. It is ugly to me beyond belief. It has been constructed in the cheap, haphazard manner of the previous owner of the property. It's rusty. It's impractical: there are beams where I would want to park the car. It is filthy. When I bought the property it was packed to the gunnels with the rat-infested belongings of former tenants. My dad spent days clearing it out.

 I can't even bear to post a full picture of it. Here's a small glimpse:

Work on the shed falls into the 'probably at least ten years away' category on my to-do list. One of my small personal amusements is to casually announce to the shed-admiring male that I'm going to pull it down. This is always met with horror and disbelief.  It's mean I know. The truth is that I would pull it down in a second if I had the money. I'm obviously still a girl at heart after all.