Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sometimes procrastination can taste good

I'm self employed and thus have had a long-standing relationship with procrastination.  It's an illicit relationship; one that I've always felt a bit guilty about.  In the many working hours that I have spent lying on the couch reading about procrastination on the internet, I don't think I've come across anything that paints it as possibly being something worthwhile.  I have read about the merit in taking time out for a bit of play to stimulate creativity, or putting off a taxing task until a high-energy period of the day, but nothing extolling real procrastination, that of the have-something-on-the to-do-list-and-just-haven't-got-it-done kind.

So, I was surprised a couple of weeks ago to see my procrastination paying off. Big time. Paying off in fresh blackberries.

The topic of blackberries is usually a very painful one for me.  Blackberries are a terrible weed in Gippsland and my property is riddled with them. Perhaps a blackberry infestation is not so bad if one is not committed to organic principles and thus happy to poison them into submission. I am managing the property organically and this means a lot of backbreaking work chopping back blackberry canes and prising roots out of the ground. To add insult to the injury, in three years I had never had so much as one fresh blackberry. The canes that had been there for years didn't produce, and any fruit that did survive was shriveled and inedible, I think because of the drought.

Two years ago my dad came over and we spent two backbreaking days clearing one of the worst infestations, along a whole bank. I did mean to redo the bank last year to get the regrowth, I really did.  I just didn't get to it.

But, owing to a combination of blackberries fruiting on two year old wood and great rain in spring, my procrastination is currently paying off in kilos and kilos of fresh blackberries.  It's fantastic. 

Next time I'm lying on the couch instead of working, I'm going to save my guilt. Perhaps there's something unexpectedly good at the end of it.

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