Friday, February 12, 2010

Introducing the house: the lounge

It's time for more of the house tour; this time the lounge. What is now the lounge was created when I knocked down a wall between a bedroom and the kitchen to make a bigger open-plan space for  cooking and living.  I had a new log burning fire put in when the old-fashioned stove in the kitchen, which was being used for heating, was removed.  

The plan is to make the window, which looks out onto a beautiful view,  into glass doors out to the deck.

There's a door to the hallway, which is no longer needed now the room is combined with the kitchen, so that's eventually going to go.  The dado rail with vertical paneling also now doesn't match the kitchen, which has all horizontal paneling, so the walls will also need to be redone.

And, because they look pretty here's a close-up of the detail of flowers from the garden (photograph by Nina).


Cincinnati Speech Therapy said...

I love the lattice work above the porch.

Suzanne said...

Thanks, I love it too. It's pretty rusty though, so getting it stripped and re-coated is on my very long to-do list. (At current progress, this is probably scheduled for around 2040!).