Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Inspirations: Andrew's trees

My friend Andrew has the great talent of being able to infect anyone around him with his enthusiasm for whatever he is currently enthusiastic about. It was his passionate advocacy of the benefits of a house in the country that convinced me to seriously look at it as an option for myself.  Thank goodness he did.

Our houses are very different though.  Mine is done in what I like to call old-cottage-on-neglected-land-purchased-at-a-mortgagee-sale style.  His is done in what I like to call gay-boys-do-the-country style: it's modern and immaculate, filled with art, polished concrete and designer lamps, and surrounded by sweeping lawns with stands of trees.  It's absolutely gorgeous. Those are his trees in the photograph above (snapped by my talented photographer friend Nina). 

Andrew and his partner Jayson also achieve puzzlingly superhuman amounts of work. This type of conversation is typical for us:
Me: "I'm exhausted. I worked on my herb garden this afternoon and planted ten new herbs."
Andrew: "Yes, we're pretty tired too. We've been planting the 2000 lavender and 1500 agapanthus plants that have just arrived."

Sometimes I say to Andrew that given the snail-like pace I'm going with my house and garden I may need to retire to the comfort of his. He thinks I'm joking.

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