Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A sprawl of garlic

I harvested my garlic on the weekend. Here it is sprawled on the back deck for its two weeks of drying. Garlic was the first thing that I grew at the country house. I started in year one with about 20 bulbs , this year I have about 70. I made a garlic plait with my first crop and every visitor to the house was forced to admire it. I don't get quite so excited now. Garlic is so easy to grow: you just take a clove and push it into the ground (in winter) about ten centimetres depth with the pointed end upwards. Then six months later...voila...a whole bulb appears. There's a profusion of Chinese-grown garlic parading around the markets in Australia now that has been fumigated on its way in and sometimes local garlic is hard to find. Home-grown is so much better.

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