Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mushrooms plucked by my own fair hand

After living in small apartments for so many years, one of the things that excites me most about having land, is the thought of growing my own food. My attempts to date have yielded mixed results. Food growing that involves nothing more than me wandering up to a tree to pick it, has had quite good results. I am modestly downplaying here my involvement in my peach harvest of last summer, which did involve me slinging a net over the peach tree to protect it from birds. Other attempts, such as the 'I wonder what happens if I just let the tomato vines just go wild?' experiment, or the great non-irrigated strawberry trial, have not fared so well.

I am sure that the tide of food-growing success is about to change with the arrival this week of my mushroom box. I have a vision of mushrooms plucked by my own fair hand and tossed into a pan with olive oil and lashings of fresh thyme from the herb patch.

The mushroom box comes with two bags of ingredients, a bag of casing material that is dark brown and very damp and the compost, which is a bit like bark but furred with white fungus.

According to the instructions, you just add some water to the casing, put it on top of the mushroom compost, keep it somewhere out of the wind and light and mist it regularly with water. In three to four weeks...voila!

I ordered my box online and it cost $36.70 including postage. This will quite possibly work out to about $1 per mushroom, but I think that sometimes you can't put a price on taste.

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