Sunday, August 30, 2009

On taking to the bed

I have been working very hard and in my moments of too brief respite all I want to do is to take to bed.

I read a beautiful newspaper piece once by a writer called Brian Doyle who explains the allure of taking to bed better than I could:
For from the bed we came and to it we shall return, and our nightly voyages there are nutritious and restorative, and we have taken to our beds for a thousand other reasons, loved and argued and eaten and seethed there, and sang and sobbed and suckled, an burned with fevers and visions and lust, and huddled and curled and prayed. As children we all, every one of us, pretended the bed was a boat; so now, when we are so patently and persistently and daily at sea, why not seek a ship?
Not long to go on the project that is consuming everything I have and then I shall be free. In the meantime, there is bed.